Commercial landscape is often full of concrete, and thus dull colors which can make your business look less approachable and far less appealing to potential clients. It is especially important to have great curb appeal within your commercial landscape when you live in a climate such as the PNW that sees more rain and gray days than areas that receive near year-round sun. By having great curb appeal, your boosted color, greenery, and landscape can work together to help boost morale and put clients, as well as employees, in a better mood to tackle their day. Boosting your commercial landscape doesn’t always need to be extravagant, try using a few of these tips to help create better curb appeal for your business.

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      Simple Ways to Boost Your Commercial LandscapeAdd Color

      When in doubt, add some color, it doesn’t take much to make a statement, so even planting seasonal color each spring can help liven up your landscape. Ornamental Cabbage comes in many colors and is a great and hardy option to help give your landscape a boost of color while still looking professional and appealing. These plants are often planted in a “checkerboard” pattern, alternating colors in rows and columns to create a crisp, professional landscape.

      Make a Statement with Pots

      Even in months where flowers may not bloom, fear not, color can easily still be incorporated into your commercial landscape. Add in some brightly colored pots to your business, whether by a bench, to line a pathway, showcase the entrance to the building, etc. by investing in beautifully made, brightly colored pots for your landscape, you can easily boost the color of your landscape all year long while adding a great design element and feature.

      Create Curved Pathways

      Directing traffic from parking lots to the main entrance of a building is a must, and a great way to do so while still boosting your landscape is to highlight the pathways. You can do this by lining the path with shrubs, and if possible, create a curved pattern, almost like a wave, as it adds a great design element to your business, while still boosting your curb appeal.

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      Flowering Shrubs

      If you’re hoping to add seasonal color to your commercial landscape without planting new flowers each year, then a great option would be to find a shrub that has seasonal blooms as this will give you year-round greenery and curb appeal, with a small boost of seasonal color during the flowering season. A few popular options for many businesses as well as homeowners use to add seasonal color include Camellias, Mahonia and Sweetbox.

      If you’re hoping to boost the landscape and curb appeal of your business, have questions regarding irrigation systems, or would like to discuss landscape designs for your home, please feel free to contact our office at any time.