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      Lawn Care

      Landscaping and garden design is much more than simply mowing the grass or planting a new garden. Landscaping is really the gift wrapping around your home or business and it’s the first thing the people will see when they pull up to your home or business.

      Outdoor areas of your home or property are just as important as the indoor ones. It tells your neighbors that you care not only about the inside of your home but the outside and creates a beautiful first impression for anyone purchasing your home or driving through the neighborhood.

      At First Fruits Landscaping we understand that your garden, front yard, and backyard is the finishing touch to your home or business and we want to make sure it reflects your personality, style, and design.
      We offer reliable and efficient landscaping and garden services either on a full-time basis or a one off service. We can help you design your garden for flowers, vegetables, fruits, or fruit trees and design and maintain your landscaping, lawn, bushes, shrubs, and limited pruning surrounding your garden and your home.

      We first start with a clear plan for your lawn, backyard, and/or front yard. Ideas can change along the way so if you’re looking to start from scratch or maybe just maintain and service what you already have, First Free Landscaping can design a service plan to meet your needs and your budget.

      Whether you are working on an entire property or just one project at a time, we can design a plan that fits your lifestyle, your time frame, and your budget.


      Your lawn and the swale underneath your grass need to breathe in the best way to do that is by aerating your lawn. This is a very time-consuming and laborious task so let First Fruits Landscaping do all the hard work for you. We provide much-needed lawn aeration for your grass, thatching, and get down to the root of the lawn, no pun intended… Well maybe just a little bit. This is more than simply poking holes or spiking the ground. Spiking only works for superficial cases. For lawns in greater need of care, we perform core aeration. This will break up any compacted soil and allow water and fertilizer to permeate to the root zone creating a healthier plant and a more lush and thriving lawn.


      De- thatching, even though some people call it just thatching, is the process of removing dead turf-grass tissue known as thatch from around the roots, throughout a lawn, and into the soil. This batch keeps water and nutrients from getting to the roots of your grass and it’s important to de-thatch every few years to create a lush and healthy yard. Let First Fruits Landscaping properly thatch an error rate your lawn for the healthiest most vibrant lawn in the neighborhood. Have big, bare patches where grass just won’t grow? A good thatching and re-will work wonders.


      You wouldn’t just feed your kids water all the time, would you? Well, if you do, there may be other serious issues there, but come on, we don’t expect our children or even ourselves to survive on water alone. The same goes with your lawn and landscaping. Plants, grasses, and trees need a good dose of fertilizer or plant food every once in a while. Let First Fruits Landscaping be the chef when it comes to feeding your garden and lawn some of the best “food” there is out there.

      You wouldn’t just feed your children water so why do that with your plants and trees? Fertilizer is more than simply food for your plants. Fertilizer allows plants to receive the nutrients that they probably wouldn’t receive from general air, sunshine, and the soil. With many of these new home developments most of the topsoil that has all the nutrients has been stripped away and needs to be replenished with a good quality fertilizer. Most of the soil in our area is not healthy enough to support many different flowers and plants that we all love and enjoy. We can apply fertilizer in the right ratio to unlock the beautiful green grass or vibrant flowers so many homeowners desire.

      Whether your plants need a little bit of nitrogen, phosphorus, or the pH balance is too acidic or basic to support plant life, we will analyze your soil, discuss the type of plants you’d like to enjoy, and the best approach to fertilizing the soil.

      If you’ve been struggling to grow and maintain a beautiful garden or lawn, a little bit of TLC with the right fertilizer may be all it takes. Compost is always a great way to achieve a healthy pH and combining that with other high quality materials can raise or lower the acidity of your soil making for the perfect environment for growing plants, vegetables, fruit and a lush and thick lawn.


      Sometimes all your landscaping needs is a properly mowed lawn. Most homeowner-based lawnmowers trampled down the grass making lines and uneven cuts. At First Fruits Landscaping, we use professional grade lawnmowers so that your lawn is the talk of the neighborhood. Whether it’s a one time mow or ongoing throughout the summer, we can offer plans and projects to meet your lifestyle and budget.

      Total Lawn Restoration

      Do you need to completely have a lawn do over? Guess what!? First Fruits Landscaping can do that for you. Let’s pull everything up and start over with either sod, turf, or with amazing soil growing Alana from seat. We can help with total lawn restoration.

      Insect Control

      We may have mild weather in the Pacific Northwest but we are not immune to landscape and plant bugs. The most common are aphids, caterpillars, cut worms, earwigs, leaf beetles, weevils, mites, and the whitefly and they will wreak havoc on your plants, garden vegetables and your lawn. But, you may not want to sprayed toxic chemicals throughout the neighborhood either. Trust First Fruits Landscaping for all of your insect and pest control when it comes to landscaping and proper lawn care. We find the healthy way to get rid of the bad bugs.

      Residential Services

      Landscaping and garden design is much more than simply mowing the grass or planting a new garden. Landscaping is really the gift wrapping around your home or business and it’s the first thing the people will see when they pull up to your home or business. 

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