There are so many beautiful green spaces in southern Maryland and who says that you can’t have one of your own? There’s no need to hire professional help to have the best-looking yard on the block. With a little bit of routine maintenance, your lawn could look as green and lush as the beautiful golf courses of Maryland.

      Here are some professional level lawn care tips to get you the best grass

      Give it some good nutrition 4 times over the year

      There are a large number of homeowners that believe a yearly single feeding in the spring is more than enough for a nice green lawn. Any lawn care professional can tell you that grass should be fed at least four times throughout the year with the right high-quality lawn food depending upon the time of year and where you live.

      To know exactly what should be fed to your lawn, and when it is a good idea to, hop into a local nursery. There are several great ones in southern Maryland that can give you expert advice on feeding your lawn more than once a year.

      In the spring you’ll want to focus on products that help to prevent crabgrass, in the summer your focus will turn to weed killing and high nutrition to help control heat and drought and keep insects at bay, and in the fall you want to give it good preparation for its dormant winter months. Where is the fourth feeding you may ask? You want to feed twice in the spring, once at the beginning as things thaw out, and once at the end of spring as summer comes roaring in.

      Mowing is more than just giving the grass a haircut

      To keep your lawn green and lush there is more to trimming it than just getting out the lawnmower when it looks long. The method which you use to mow will make a huge difference in the overall look of your yard. Lawn care professionals will advise that the mower gets set to the highest setting depending upon the type of grass you are growing.

      If you have what is considered a cool-season grass you want to stick to 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches of length. If you have warm-season grass this can be cut a little bit shorter. You want the grass to be at its optimum height to help it grow and establish a deep and healthy root system and shade the soil to keep weeds out.


      Many people think this is the one and only soul element of a green lawn. While water is very important to keep the grass green too much water can bring you alternative results.

      Pros will advise that you water the grass deeply just a few times a week as opposed to every day. It is a good method to give your grass a long soak to help roots dig deep into the soil which will strengthen your grass and help it to survive during drought-like weather.

      When the color of the grass is looking slightly gray and blades are not bouncing back when walked on it is time to give it a long soak. You want to run your watering system so that a plant stake can be inserted about 12 inches into the ground. You want the soil to be well saturated but only to the point of slightly sticky not to the point where there is puddling.

      In the spring and fall, you may only need to water just once a week. In peak times of hot weather in the summer three times, a week should be sufficient. If it rains there is no need for other watering methods.

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      Weed Control

      You want to make sure you stay on top of weed growth within your lawn. It is easier to control a few small spots of weeds than try and take back your lawn with a full-on invasion. The simplest method is to spray any spots where weeds pop up as soon as you see them with a bit of weed control spray and kill them before they have a chance to bloom.

      Controlling pests like Moles and Grubs

      Moles digging up your beautiful yard are very unsightly and quite annoying. One of the best ways to get rid of moles is to make sure they have nothing in your yard to feed on. One of the most appetizing foods for moles is the grub. Target any grub growth and eggs before they hatch with specific grub-eliminating products.

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