The last area of your home that you think of maintaining is your driveway. Despite everyday use, most homeowners do not consider their driveway as a key component to maintaining regularly. So, now that this is on your radar, what are the best ways to care for your driveway? Let’s take a look.

      Regular Cleaning

      Your driveway needs regular cleaning and this depends on the frequent use of it. Things like motor oil, radiator fluid, and other vehicle substances can make a damaging impact on your driveway. These fuels can leave stains that need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining. This is exactly why it isn’t recommended to change the oil of your car in your driveway.

      Surprisingly, most motor oils can penetrate up to a quarter of an inch of concrete. It is suggested to use kitty litter to soak up any oil if there is a spill and to also use dishwashing detergent and warm water to clean up. Cleaning your driveway regularly will help prevent stains from building up over time. Using a power washer will give you the most effective deep clean on your driveway.

      Apply Sealant

      Applying sealant to your driveway helps prevent staining and damage. If you are applying a sealant, it needs to be done correctly for it to work the way you want it to. It is suggested to use a company that does paving and can provide this service for you. Having your driveway sealed regularly will expand its lifespan. Typically you would do this every two years.

      Prevent and Repair Cracks

      As the ground shifts naturally, you will notice cracks in your driveway. This is completely normal but needs immediate attention. The quicker you respond to the cracks in your driveway, the longer the driveway will last you. You can help prevent cracks in your driveway by having it sealed regularly and creating a runoff strip area for snow and water as well as keeping trees and shrubs further away from the line of the driveway.

      Do Not Use Chemicals

      In the winter months, many people use chemicals for de-icing their driveway but this can also cause surface damage to the moisture refreezing on the driveway. Stay away from these chemicals to prevent damage to your driveway.

      Protect Your Driveway’s Edges

      The edges of a driveway are susceptible to chipping and wear and tear if they are used often as a stepping stone or parked up against. Be careful of these edges when you are shoveling your driveway to keep it from being scraped and scratched.

      In Conclusion

      Use these tips and tricks to keep your driveway functional for years. Keep these things in mind as you landscape around your driveway and work with a landscaping company that will help you design and upkeeps your yard and the driveway that is a part of your property. For more information on landscape maintenance, contact us, we are here to help!

      For more information on lawn care in Mukilteo and landscaping in Edmonds, contact us, we would love to help!

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