Popular Ideas For Your Sideyard In 2023 – Most homeowners have that narrow strip of land that connects their front yard to their backyard and goes through the side of their house. This is your side yard. This space is commonly seen as wasted space or your perfect garbage can storage. You may be surprised to find out that this space can offer you so much more. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular ideas for reimagining your sideyard.

      Popular Ideas For Your Sideyard In 2023

      Hiding Place

      One of the best ideas that give you an affordable fix is installing a fence at each end and enabling this space to be used to hide things you don’t want visible in your front or backyard. As mentioned above, this is commonly done to disguise garbage cans but can also be for tools, compost, or even outdoor toys.

      Garden Shed

      With all of the incredible shed designs out there, you are sure to find one that will fit the size of your side yard allowing you to have more storage on hand. You could even consider having a custom build to fit the entire length and width.

      Dog Run

      A dog run allows your dog to have a place to run and play that may be secluded from other outdoor activities. This is an awesome option for your side yard to be put t use as long as you have the fencing and gate properly installed. Make sure your pup has grass or artificial turf for comfort.

      Putting Green

      For those who love golf, this is a fun option. Putting green on your side yard will give you all the practice you need in the comfort of your own home.

      Horseshoe Pit

      By putting in a horseshoe pit you can instantly make your sideyard a part of the entertaining you want to do, it creates a functional space. Depending on your preferences, you may not have a long enough sideyard to meet true horseshoe regulations with 50ft in length and 6 ft wide.

      Additional Patio

      You could consider extending and attaching your existing patio or just adding a second one altogether. A side yard patio will allow for more outdoor living space and a more intimate environment for private conversations or it may be the perfect spot for your grill.

      Backyard Movie Theater

      A sideyard can become your outdoor theater. You can design it so the space is specifically for this activity. You need to keep in mind that typically sideyards are closer to neighbors so noise may be an issue.

      Kids’ Play Area

      one of the best ideas for your side yard is a kid’s play area. This allows for a fun space for all of the outdoor toys without it intruding on your outdoor entertaining space. You can design the space t include un things like a cha; board area and a playhouse. Make sure there is a lot of visibility so that you can easily keep an eye on your children while they play.

      In Conclusion

      With this kind of inspiration and some professional help, you can transform your side yard into an appealing outdoor space as opposed to wasted space. For more information on how to get started on redesigning your side yard, contact us. At Firstfruits Landscaping, we do it all!