The Pros and Cons Of Outdoor Awnings – Are you considering the addition of a patio awning in your backyard? A patio awning can be a flexible approach to shading a specific area. In addition to shade, they also provide you with protection from the range. Typically, you see an awning on a patio or over a deck. Before you decide whether or not an awning is a right fit for you and your yard, consider the following pros and cons.

      The Pros and Cons Of Outdoor Awnings

      The Pros


      An awning will provide you with shade and this will also help keep your home cool. An awning can reduce the temperature inside your home which will help you save on energy costs.


      An awning will protect your outdoor furniture from getting sunbleached. It will protect any of your outdoor decor and furnishings from heat and sun damage, allowing you to relax and enjoy.


      When you have a retractable awning you will increase the lifespan of your awning. Retractable awnings are more expensive but give you flexibility in what you want for your outdoor experience. Awnings can be easily damaged in a storm, but if you invest in a retractable one, then you can adjust for the weather.


      An awning is a great investment and can be less expensive than adding a permanent roof structure over your patio or deck. Typically retractable awnings will give you a great return on your investment.


      Newer awnings come with the ability to use wind or rain sensors as well as a remote for maximum convenience in your use.

      The Cons


      The awning has a high cost upfront that many views as the reason they forgo an awning. If you know your family will get great use out of it, this may be something to overlook.


      As with anything, there is maintenance and most homeowners want to lessen the number of maintenance responsibilities they have. Retractable and nonretractable awnings must be cleaned regularly. The fabric will collect dirt and debris and your awning will need attention when this happens.


      A retractable awning will have a motor and a sensor that should automatically retract the awning if there s any kind of rain or strong wind. If there is any kind of issue or need to repair this sensor, it can be costly and frustrating. This is a specialized fix and not just any handyman can repair your awning or the sensor.

      Weather Issues

      If you live somewhere that endures severe storms, then an awning may not be right for you. A retractable one could still work for you, but you need to be aware that weather will affect its longevity. Your awning will require your time and attention to make sure no water damage or mold growth is happening.

      In Conclusion

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