As spring is just around the corner, there are new design styles and ideas for our outdoor spaces. The top garden ideas and garden trends for 2022 to steer you in the right direction. Spending more time at home means the search for style inspiration for outdoor living has never been greater. The garden now needs to be multipurpose, with a space for entertaining and relaxing. And it has to look good too.

      Here are 6 of the current garden trends in 2022:


      If you want an Instagram garden but don’t want to tend it all the time, many plants offer tons of color with little effort from you. Look for plants that provide season-long color as great garden trends.


      Pollinators, such as butterflies, bees, moths and hummingbirds are responsible for assisting more than 80 percent of the world’s flowering plants to reproduce.


      Perennials and shrubs are a great investment in your garden because you plant them once and they thrive for many years. Make sure you choose perennials and shrubs that will survive winters.


      One of the biggest trends after spending so much time close to home, is prioritizing curb appeal by making our homes look inviting with colorful plantings of every type. To boost your home’s welcoming feel, add flowering shrubs and foundation shrubs to soften harsh edges, and plant edging plants to finish off beds.


      Meadow gardens are becoming increasingly popular for supporting pollinator populations, attracting wildlife and offering a changing view through the seasons. They have a rustic look, often serving as a more environmentally friendly alternative to a turf lawn, because they call for grasses that need little watering and plants that don’t necessarily need topsoil or compost.


      With a continued interest in sustainability, more and more people are learning to grow their own food.. If you don’t have a huge plot, you still can grow veggies such as tomatoes, peppers and greens in containers or raised beds. Start with easy-to-grow options for your first garden such as herbs, lettuce, beans, cucumbers, Swiss chard and radishes.


      Cutting gardens are a lovely way to enjoy a non-stop succession of flowers for bouquets. You don’t need a huge space; tuck plants in between perennials and shrubs in existing garden beds or plant a large container with cutting garden favorites such as dahlias, cosmos, lady’s mantle, black-eyed.

      If you’ve jumped on the gardening trend the last few years, you know how satisfying it is to watch your plants and flowers thrive. In fact, plenty of research has shown spending time in nature is good for you both physically and mentally. While we may be getting out more and not spending quite as much time at home as in previous years, we’re still investing a lot of effort into making our homes a peaceful retreat from the world, whether it’s hosting family gatherings or entertaining friends.

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