A water feature as a unique and beautiful design to your landscape but there are some things to be aware of and educate yourself before jumping in… So to speak. Here are eight tips for adding a gorgeous water feature to your landscape either in the front yard or the back.

      #1. Consider the size of your area.

      How much ground do you have to work with? If you’re limited on size you certainly won’t want a huge water feature taking up the majority of the landscape. You want something that looks proportionate to the size of your front yard or backyard and adds value to the home rather than being an eyesore or an overgrown feature.

      #2. What kind of impact do you want to make?8 Tips for Adding a Water Feature To Your Landscape

      Are you looking for a subtle addition and a small fountain or are you looking for something larger such as a river or pond or a combination of both? If you are adding Koi fish to the pond you’ll want to make sure that it’s deep enough and large enough to house the size of fish you want. Are you looking for a pleasant place to sit next to and enjoys the sound of running water or just a simple fountain attached to a wall or the side of the house? What do you want to say with your water feature and what emotions do you want to invoke in others when they experience and enjoy your water feature?

      #3. What is your personal style?

      When considering a water feature it’s not just the size of the garden or landscape that provides the opportunity but it’s also about taste and there are endless choices. You can get a small crucible fountain or a larger Napoli Fountain that makes a bigger statement. Are you looking for a more natural feel with a pond and small creek surrounded by rocks and natural landscaping?

      #4. Location.

      Location is huge when determining how to install and where to place your water feature. At First Fruits Landscaping we can help determine the best location to create the biggest impact on your landscaping whether it’s for curb appeal and home value or just for daily enjoyments.

      A water feature should complement your existing space and enhance the outside area. Most people want water features because of the raw waxing and tranquil sounds so make sure it’s positioned in a location where you can enjoy that. If it’s in the front yard and you never spend time in the front yard, you may be missing out on the true enjoyment of your water feature.

      Be aware of any overhanging trees or shrubs that may shed leaves and foliage into the fountain or the water. This will create higher maintenance and need to be tended to more often.

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      #5. Aquatic life.

      There are endless amounts of plants and aquatic life you can choose from for your pond or creek. A lot of pond owners sometimes have plants that are only in the water certain times of the year because of temperature or freezing issues. This is something to consider as well. Will you be shutting off the fountain or the water feature during the colder months? Is there a way to prevent freezing or damage to the pump and tubing if you preferred going year-round?

      Protecting your investment in aquatic life can be difficult because larger water birds can quickly wipe out even a healthy population of fish. Be prepared to experience some loss if you have a lot of birds and water wildlife around. Even raccoons and possums can stick their fingers in the water and pull out your fish so make sure you are protected or choose the right type of fish for your pond.

      #6. Maintenance.8 Tips for Adding a Water Feature To Your Landscape

      At First Fruits Landscaping we can help maintain your water feature so that it offers you beauty year-round but you may also want to learn the basics of water feature maintenance. Pump filters can clog if it gets a lot of debris and it’s important to remove major debris whenever you can. If there’s a large buildup, you might consider a pool skimmer to clean your water feature and keep it in great condition.

      #7. Electricity.

      Water features typically come with a pump whether it’s a fountain or a pond and some smaller pond pumps can even be run off of solar energy but if you need a larger one, you’ll need to hook into existing electrical systems so it’s important to understand what your circuit panel can handle, how you will be supplying the power and if it is protected against the elements.

      #8. When you should choose a pro.

      You can always find pond liners and pond kits are water feature kits and fountains at any home improvement store but understanding how to wire it incorrectly, design it for the best impact, and maintain it properly typically comes with the help of a professional.

      At First Fruits Landscaping we can help design and maintain a beautiful water feature surrounded by native plants that are appropriate for the size and location. Let us help you design the perfect water feature for your landscape and home today.

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