Window gardens have become wildly popular and regardless of a small yard or no yard, you too can find ways to plant, grow and sustain your own garden right from your kitchen or living room window. Even if you have a condominium, container gardens can be a beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors and nature. If you’re planning on a window garden here are some tips to keep in mind.

      There are a few different types of gardens you can plant, so deciding which fits your wants is a priority before planning and designing comes into play. A few of the more popular gardens include, and herb harden, succulent garden, vegetable garden, and of course, flowers. Once you’ve decided on what to grow it’s time for the fun stuff, design. Below are a few of the most popular window garden designs.

      Hanging Gardens

      Hanging gardens are generally created with either macrame potholders, however, they can also be made with many other elements such as twine and driftwood to bring a beachy feel to your home. Once assembled, hang your new garden in the window, ensuring that it is sturdy and strong prior to placing your plants in their slots.

       Tips on Adding a Window Garden to Your Home

      Water and Roots

      Exposed roots are both intriguing and beautiful. Using your windowsill for sizing, try finding glass pots, fill them with water and find plants that thrive in water environments, such as an avocado seed in a boat. You can not only watch their roots grow, but the plant will thrive and the tree itself will grow above the water.

      Stackable Gardens

      These can be hanging shelves that are suspended in your window or they can be stationary that fit in your windowsill. The perk with having a stackable garden is you can choose to have two levels, or 6 levels and so on until the whole height of your window is filled.

      As with any garden, window gardens will require maintenance and care. If you are looking for a low maintenance garden try your hand at a succulent garden, ensuring that your window receives sunlight. If you want to up your cooking skills, an herb garden might also be a great option. Regardless of the style and type of garden you choose, by adding a window garden to your home you can enjoy its beauty and calming effects day after day.

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