Best Curb Appeal Options for Home Sellers – Buying a house is an exciting season, whether for first-time homebuyers, investors, vacationers, or those simply looking to upgrade or downsize. There are a lot of homes hitting the market right now and curb appeal is the first impression you have to make with buyers. We are doing a lot of landscaping for new homes and those going on the market soon. However, most of these curb appeal projects are not a one-and-done or do right before you list. Lawns take a couple of weeks to green up and patchy spots need to grow.

      If you’re considering selling your house this spring here are some great landscaping and outdoor perks buyers love to see:

      Indoor/Outdoor Living

      With nearly perfect weather all year round it’s no surprise that many Miami locals spend most of their time outdoors, and this goes for when they’re at home too. Having a great outdoor living space is a must for many and it’s easy to see why. Not only does having an outdoor living area maximize the overall space of your home, but it allows you to soak in the fresh morning air over a cup of coffee in your pajamas, or entertain friends while you BBQ, without sacrificing the beautiful Miami sunshine. So, what exactly makes an outdoor space the “best?”

      • Outdoor Seating – From rocking chairs, to outdoor sectionals, a comfortable place to sit is easily one of the most important aspects to an outdoor space.
      • Shade – We may not get a ton of sun but when we do, we like to get out of it if necessary. While it may be enjoyable, sometimes you want to take a break and still enjoy being outside without risking a sunburn, and thus having a great shade solution is key.
      • Tables – From dinner out on the patio, card games, and a place to set your favorite beverage, tables are an easy way to make your backyard more functional, for both day-to-day uses as well as hosting.
      • Yard Games – Card games aren’t the only thing that your backyard is good for, life size jenga, corn hole, ladder toss, horseshoes, the sky is the limit!
      • Privacy – Ah, privacy. Whether created from a fence, hedge, privacy trees, etc. It is an easy way to enjoy your backyard in peace.  This could mean bringing in big trees, trellis, retaining walls, fences or even outbuildings but people love privacy!
      • Landscape – This one’s fun and can be completely different pending on your specific style. Will you plant a vegetable garden with cute signs to identify your plants? A rose garden? Colorful flowers lining the fence line? A living succulent wall? The sky is the limit, however good landscaping can easily elevate your backyard space, regardless of size and transform it into your own little outdoor oasis.

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