Can You Landscape in Winter? I’m not exactly sure the Pacific Northwest knows what day it is. We had 60° weather on Sunday for the Super Bowl and now it’s snowing just two days later. If you’ve been trying to time the weather just right in order to do some landscaping, you’re probably discovering that’s easier said than done. If you’ve decided to tackle a yard renovation anytime in the winter months, there are quite a few disadvantages but surprisingly, there are actually a couple of potential advantages as well.

      Can You Landscape in Winter? Disadvantages:

      Obviously, if the ground is frozen you can’t do much when it comes to pulling weeds, wrote a telling, or digging.

      Daylight hours are also shorter so the job might take longer.Can You Landscape in Winter?

      Slopes and terrain can get icy and slippery so it might be more dangerous to landscape in the winter as well.

      It’s just plain cold. If you have to bundle up to do a landscaping job, it might just not be worth it.

      Can You Landscape in Winter? Advantages:

      Now is actually a great time to consider professional landscaping as this is the time of year when it’s the slowest so you’re likely to get more attention from your landscaper.

      Your project will be ready for spring. By starting now, you can enjoy your new landscape, patio, or yard as soon as the weather breaks.

      It gives you a project. Don’t think you have anything to do on those winter he cold days? You can either work on the project yourself or sit back, relax, and let us do all the work.

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      What kind of projects are appropriate for winter landscaping?

      Depending on the temperature, you can do water features, patios, retaining walls, irrigation systems, or modern landscape designs. The key is knowing what to do and when to do it. We don’t like to use a lot of mortar if there’s going to be freezing temperatures within about 24 to 48 hours. We don’t plan anything if the temperature is under 35 to 38°. Plus, we want to make sure there’s enough time during the day to clean up and do all of the necessary projects.

      We typically will not plan a project if we know there’s going to be severe weather such as snowstorms, accumulated snow or ice on the roads. In these cases, we may need to reschedule.

      Should I plant in the winter?

      Can You Landscape in Winter?In the Pacific Northwest, our winters can be extremely mild never dipping below 35° or they can be drastic with over 30 days of 20° or lower, even though that’s pretty rare. We don’t like to plant new trees, shrubs, or plants under 35° otherwise it could have a difficulty taking root and you wouldn’t want to replace something you just planted. If you’re considering investing in lots of plants or trees, we recommend waiting until spring or at least until the last frost. However, some dormant plants may be protected from the shock of winter and could be planted as early as mid-February to early March.

      Regardless, at any time would love to come out and give you a quote on your landscaping project. Whether it’s developments and subdivisions, individual landscaping or estates. We can provide expert and professional care for your property your landscape features, and typography.

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