Winter Yard Maintenance Tasks for February: Well, it’s the middle of winter in the Pacific Northwest and we are in that weird time where we could get more snow or we can have a few days of temperatures over 60° and then another cold snap at the end of March. Pretty much, who knows? But, there are some things that you can be doing to your yard and landscaping while we have a little bit of winter still hanging on. This is more of a “dos and don’ts” of February yard maintenance.

      Winter Yard Maintenance Tasks for February:

      Deciduous tree pruning

      Now is a good time to consider deciduous tree pruning. Trees are still dormant this time of year but it’s a perfect time to prune them back as long as you are very selective with your pruning methods. This means no topping and no shears.

      For deciduous trees, pruning should be cut just above a side bud or branch. Plants are still resting for the winter and when the branching structure is unclothed, pruning is easier on the plant and for the person pruning as well. But understanding where to make those cuts and how to make them may be best decided by a professional landscaper. You want to retain the health and wellness of the tree without causing too much overgrowth before the tree is ready.

      It’s important to understand when these winterized shrubs and deciduous trees will actually bud or bloom. Many bare-branched trees are already filled with tightly held flowerbeds for spring and if you cut them now they may not bloom for another year. Shrubs such as Witch Hazel, Flowering Winter Current, Forsythia and Viburnum typically have bare winter branches, so it’s better to prune them right after they bloom in spring.

      Before pruning, it’s best to evaluate the plant or tree for basic cleanup requirements. First, look for dead material and broken branches. Any branches that are crossing or rubbing each other should be considered for pruning. You’ll want to clear out any dead material, which will allow you to see the plant or tree’s structure more clearly. Remove broken or torn branches, waterspouts, or any crossing branches. It’s important not to take off any more than about one-quarter to one-third of the tree or plant.

      Should I Mow?

      It all depends on whether or not your grass is growing. If you’ve fertilized it in the fall it may just start getting some growth to it and that can make for a patchy looking yard. So a good mow might help but again, most yards and lawns are not really growing right now and are still dormant so we need to focus more on maintenance and clean up and keeping things cleaned up. We might just get another cold snap so now is not the time to focus too much on your grass.

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      Winter Yard Maintenance Tasks for February

      Winter Yard Maintenance Tasks for February: Pressure washing

      Now is also a good time to consider pressure washing. This provides an instant curb appeal, removes the possibility of slipping or hazardous surfaces, and improves the look and functionality of the property. This really can be done anytime but it’s a great winter project as it clears out a lot of the old dead moss, leaves, and weeds that grow up between cracks in the sidewalk, driveways, fences, and paths. Repairing fences may also be done at any time of the year if needed.

      Basic cleanup is a great place to start if you are new to landscaping or planning on cleaning up a property. It also can be a lot of work depending on the magnitude of the project. Call us today for a free estimate on yard cleanup, winter maintenance, pruning, and pressure washing.

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