Do you want to spruce up your yard? There are a lot of options out there and the price range varies depending on what you want to do. If you are looking to replace the mulch, you might want to consider decomposed granite. Decomposed granite can be a great cost-effective solution for all of your landscaping needs. As you consider using this material, work alongside a professional landscaping company that can help you navigate your yard remodel.

      What To Know About Landscaping With Decomposed Granite

      What has Decomposed Granite?

      Decomposed granite is used a lot in landscaping. it is similar to small gravel but it contains more rock and dust. When it is wet and packed it is a lot more stable than gravel and it is unlikely to crumble or become finer over time. There are several different types of decomposed granite depending on where you live.

      Different Types of DG

      Natural Decomposed Granite

      Natural Decomposed Granite is a great option to use around your plants, shrubs, and trees. It will last much longer than mulch and offers better drainage.

      Decomposed Granite With Stabilizers

      Decomposed Granite with stabilizers is going to be a great option if you are trying to create pathways or an outdoor patio or driveway.

      What Is The Cost?

      Decomposed granite can be relatively less expensive that a lot of other solutions used in the landscape. It is certainly less than using concrete or pavers. You will pay a certain amount per cubic yard. It is worth the cost because it will be easy to maintain. The price can vary depending on the color you desire too.

      What Does Installation Look Like?

      Installing decomposed granite is pretty simple. In the areas you want it to be you will want a flat ad weed-free spot and then you will want to dig 8-12 inches below where you want it to be placed. This is to make sure weeds won’t grow through the granite over time. It can be installed next to fences, borders, and walls without worrying about damaging other materials.

      In Conclusion

      If you are looking to change your home’s landscaping, decomposed granite might be a good option for you. This material is versatile and affordable while being easy to maintain. It is an investment that homeowners regret. There are several options for you to choose from and the material can be used all around your landscape without damaging other components. Consider your landscape and what you’re looking to do as you determine whether or not decomposed granite or decomposed granite with stabilizers is right for you. You can make your landscape stand out with this fun and cost-effective e-change,

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