6 Affordable Ways To Landscape A Large Front Yard – If you are staring out at your front lawn in discontent and or you want to sell your home but it is lacking curb appeal, you might want to spruce up your yard. This can seem overwhelming or costly but there are several ways you can change your drab yard into a fab yard. You can do this without breaking the bank, but you want to incorporate some planning so that it looks cohesive.

      Get Rid of Stuff

      Before you add anything to your hard, focus on what doesn’t need to be there. Mostly this is anything that isn’t landscaping that can create clutter in your yard. Be careful if you are removing plants that you don’t remove something that could benefit you as it blooms.


      This is always a key factor in any home project. You need to determine how much you would like to spend. You do not want to get halfway through and not be able to complete the yard. Make a list of what you want to do, make a budget, and see what you can do within that budget.

      No artificial stuff

      Even though you can save on a water bull, forgo artificial turf. It is low maintenance but it can look tacky if you are budgeting for the low end. Most people still prefer a natural look and artificial turf can look very green and fake. In addition, turf can last up to about 2 decades and then it needs to be replaced, so this is an ongoing cost you need to consider.


      Many people look to rocks because you can get a considerable amount of rocks for a low cost. This can also help to cover a large area and it is low maintenance while looking clean.


      Mulch is very useful in a yard and garden. A little bit can go a long way which is why it is a great budget-friendly landscaping option.


      Lavender is an inexpensive and indestructible perennial that many plants in their front yard.

      In addition to these expensive ways to spruce up your yard, you can add a pond or a bird bath. These can be a great eye-catcher. If you live somewhere with harsher winters, keep in mind you will have to winterize a pond like everything else pertaining to water in the wintertime. A bird bath is an excellent featured that can be affordable and compliments your front yard by bringing in birds for viewing. Lastly, string lights! These are so popular, but they do make a difference between dusk and night. It seems to brighten everything and add an enticing touch.

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