Like many homeowners in the Pacific Northwest, you have watered, weeded, and mowed through the summer to enjoy your outdoor space. As the temperature cools and the rain moves in, you may be ready to let your lawn go but here are some important tips to keep your grass green and your outdoor oasis in prime condition to have a healthy landscape through the fall and winter months.

      Keep Watering and Mowing 

      Temperatures begin to cool, and many areas see frost by the end of the month. However, September is often one of the driest summer months in the Pacific Northwest so it’s important to keep watering and cutting your lawn to keep it healthy and green. If you haven’t sharpened your mower blades – this is the time to do it to avoid brown, frayed grass caused by dull blades.

      Plant New Shrubs and Trees 

      September is the perfect time to plant new shrubs and trees.  When the soil is still warm, and the roots can take hold before a freeze – this is a great time to add new life to your landscape.  However, if it’s still hot and dry in your area, wait a few more weeks because new shrubs and trees thrive in the cool moisture as the rain begins to fall and evenings start to cool.

      Add Bulbs and Other Perennials 

      As temperatures cool and the ground softens, this is the ideal time to add perennials to enrich flower beds and remove dead annuals.  It is also a great time to plant bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, crocus, and other beauties to welcome spring.

      Fertilize One Last Time 

      To enjoy beautiful blooms for a few more weeks, fertilize annuals, continue watering, and give them a trim.  Treat brown patches in the lawn with fertilizer to green up dry or bare areas.

      Insect and Disease Control

      While the birds help keep insects down by dining on the grubs, it’s important to treat your lawn to control insects and diseases. Bugs can infest lawns during the summer and before pests like fire ants, fleas and mosquitos take over, it’s important to treat a lawn with an insect and disease control product or call a professional to help.

      Reduce Sprinkler and Watering Timers 

      As the evenings cool and the rain moves in, it’s important to gradually reduce watering to harden shrubs, vines, and trees for winter. If you’re watering in the evenings, adjust the times to water in the morning to avoid freezing plants at night as the frost comes.

      With a little more effort and these fall tips, you’ll keep your lawn looking like a pro and enjoy its beauty year-round.

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