4 Unique Landscaping Ideas – If you are tired of looking at the same old bland yard, the fix may be easier than you think. All you need are a few unique ideas to create a more attractive landscape. With a little bit of planning and maybe a trip to your local garden center, your yard can become your new favorite place and the envy of the neighborhood.

      4 Unique Landscaping Ideas to Really Define the Space

      1. Define The Space

      Landscape plants define outdoor spaces by serving functional roles like shading, screening, filler and groundcover. They provide structure to the space in the same way that furniture does indoors. Remove existing plants as needed to eliminate visual chaos. For the best results, choose plants for your yard according to their mature dimensions, normally shown on the plant label. Space plants so that they can grow to their full potential without pruning, then prune them as needed to maintain good plant health and a tidy appearance. Avoid overcrowding or installing foundation shrubs where they will grow to block windows. Maintain a crisp appearance with sharp natural edges along bedlines and wherever grass meets paved surfaces.

      2. Choose Multi-Purpose Plants

      It’s important to get the most from every dollar you spend in the yard. One way to do so is by selecting multi-purpose plants. If the entrance of your townhome only has room for one small tree, find a tree that offers spring flowers, summer shade, intense autumn color and an attractive branch structure that will look great in winter. Privacy screening plants can offer scented flowers and wildlife benefits. Many fruit-bearing trees and shrubs offer other landscape benefits, like flowers, fall color and winter interest.

      3. Create Focal Points

      Landscape focal points attract the eye and help draw attention away from other areas of the yard. Multiple focal points add visual interest and serve to draw the eye through the landscape. These handy features can include a variety of things such as plants, garden decor and even parts of the house. There are several ways to make them work. Any striking feature will cause the viewer’s eye to pause and focus.

      4. Include Seating

      There are many ways to effectively use seating as a landscape element, whether protected under a gazebo or porch roof, or out in the elements. Place a few chairs for conversation beneath a large shade tree. Incorporate an outdoor coffee table or dining set for entertaining. Place a flat boulder at the edge of a garden pond. It may not always be used, but it will inspire exploration.

      Incorporating one or more of these unique landscaping ideas can elevate your yard to new heights of usefulness and enjoyment.For more information on landscaping and gardening, contact our office. For more information on Mukilteo landscaping contact First Fruits Landscaping.

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