Well, here we are 3 March and we’re actually seeing a little bit of warmer days. Sure, it’s still rainy, cloudy, and dreary, but that’s the Pacific Northwest for you. However, you still might be thinking a little bit about landscaping, getting your yard cleaned up, and preparing for a garden. Here are the best maintenance tasks for March. (And remember, we can do all of this for you)

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      #1. Spring cleanup.

      Once we all finally get outside and stop hibernating we realize that our yards are pretty messy. Wind storms, downed leaves and limbs, overgrown pathways and untrimmed yards definitely are the eyesore of the neighborhood.

      Now is a great time for spring cleanup. You can either do this yourself or have us stop by and do it for you. It’s time to clear out all the underbrush that may have accumulated over the winter from underneath trees, bushes, shrubs, and any deciduous plants. Trimmed back anything that is gone a little crazy with overgrowth, mow your yard once we have a dry day, and trim the edges. Sweep dead leaves and debris away from pathways, patios, and driveways and either leaf blow or pressure wash driveways and fences.

      #2. Time to put down Pre Emergent for Weeds.Best Maintenance Tasks for March

      The last thing we need are weeds we don’t want. This is a great product for keeping weed seeds from growing. Pre-emergent herbicides also referred to as crabgrass preventers, are an effective way to prevent any undesired weeds before they start.

      Pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals that prevent undesired weeds in your lawn or landscape. They don’t prevent the germination of the seed but they will help control it so it doesn’t sprout.

      The application timing is the most crucial part about this task because of the weed is already sprouted and is visible, pre-emergent herbicides will not solve the weed problem. They need to go on now while a lot of the weed seeds are just starting to germinate. Early spring is the best and can be reapplied in the fall. Most weeds that are a problem in the Pacific Northwest sprout during spring or fall so it’s important to know the types of weeds were dealing with for the best preventative results.

      #3. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.

      I cannot stress the importance of maintenance. This is a basic cleanup about twice a month. Consider it like getting your car washed or your rugs cleaned. Just having it clean gives you a great sense of accomplishment, cleanliness, and you’ve de-clutter your yard in a sense. So what does maintenance look like?

      Trimming, cleaning up any dead or dying debris, trimming back unruly limbs and plants, mowing the yard, weed eating, trimming, and edging. All of these things, when done on a regular basis, keep the property and landscape looking clean and tidy.

      Does First Fruits Landscaping mow and perform maintenance in the rain?

      Yes! The rain doesn’t bother me at all and we use our own equipment so you won’t have to worry about us dragging out your lawn more and dealing with soggy grass. We have the right equipment to deal with just about any kind of weather (except 2 feet of snow, of course).

      But, the weather shouldn’t keep you from maintaining your yard. However, if you don’t want to do it yourself, that’s what we’re here for. Give us a call for a quote on March maintenance or any major or minor landscaping jobs.

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