One thing that keeps and attracts renters to rentals is nice, summer landscaping and outdoor areas. If you’re planning on boosting your rental’s curb appeal this year, here are some great easy landscaping tips to keep your rentals’ outdoor spaces looking great.  

      Water Lawns in the Morning 

      Water evaporates faster the higher the temperature is. Though many of us know this, there are still a large number of people who turn their sprinklers on in the highest heat of the day. Lawn care professionals will tell you that it is best to get the water into the grass in the morning when it is cooler and the grass is not dormant. Grass goes dormant in the higher heat, meaning grassroots wont absorb the moisture as well as they will on lower temperatures.  

      Some lawn experts say the best grass watering strategy is to give a good long morning soak every three days. This is said to be better than short daily soaks.  

      Mow Routinely 

      Resist the urge to cut the lawn as short as your mower will possibly go. Though you can go longer between mowings, the grass will not be hearty enough to fight off weeds and pests and you will begin to see brown or even bald patches in the lawn. Warm climate lawns should be kept to 2 inches in length and can be cut to one inch but should go no shorter. A bonus of longer grass is it retains a deeper green hue and holds more water.  It is best to set a schedule for mowing lawns and stick to the routine. Just be careful not to let it get too high so it looks unkempt.  

      Keep Other Plants Trimmed 

      Not only do well-trimmed trees and bushes look nicer, but it is also better for the health of the plants and things around them. If you have trees and bushes on the property close to the building make sure all limbs are trimmed to at least a few inches from touching the home. This minimizes the occurrence of pests like termites getting into the home, reduces clogging of air conditioning units, and keeps moisture from growing mold on the siding. You also don’t want dead tree limbs damaging the home in a storm.  

      Consider Drought Friendly Plants 

      Drought-tolerant shrubs and flowers are great for summer. These plants not only save on water consumption and as a result save money, but they also need less maintenance which saves you pruning time. Drought tolerant plants are a smart way to bring in more curb appeal without too much more work.  

      Hire a Property Manager to Help Out 

      If you don’t want to or don’t have time to do all the summer landscape maintenance at your rentals, hiring a property manager to oversee a landscape crew is a great idea. Your property manager can make sure everything runs on schedule to keep your properties looking their best and continue being places that renters want to live. This little investment can save you a lot of time and energy.  

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