What Is Total Lawn Restoration? – Are you dealing with an extremely dead lawn? Do you feel like whatever you try to do, there is no reviving the landscape you currently have? Nobody wants to be “that house” on the street. So, what can you do to revive a lawn you have been unsuccessful with? Here comes, total lawn restoration.

      What Is Total Lawn Restoration?What Is Total Lawn Restoration?

      This process is exactly as it sounds. Total lawn restoration fixes and remodels your lawn to improve its overall look. One of the big components of this is hiring a professional company that can come and kills the lawn, reseeds, and restores it. Most of the tinea lawn becomes damaged due to overwatering, drought, pests, weeds, and poor care. It is vital to then have consistent maintenance so if this isn’t something you think you can do, it’s time to budget for a consistent landscaper to come by.

      The Process

      To restore your lawn you will first have to “kill” what remains. This is usually done by mowing the lawn very short and using an erasing chemical. Typically it is a weed killer that is used. The timeline between this and reseeding depends on what chemical is being used. In some cases, you may need to wait a few months. Make sure you discuss your timeline and desires for the lawn with your landscaping company so that you know exactly what they will be using on your lawn. The next step is reseeding and then waiting.

      After your lawn has been reseeded, you need to pay careful attention during the first few months. You want to make sure you see growth. Your seeds need to be watered with the right amount of water and the right amount of time per watering session. If you have a sprinkler system set it up with a timer and check that it is working accordingly. You need to be mowing your lawn during this time too. Your lawn should also be fertilized during this time. Lastly, keep everyone off the kawn for the first month so that the seeds do not get injured.

      If you don’t think you require a total lawn restoration you can always try to just reseed your dead lawn. You might want to do this if you notice your lawn is thinning or parts of it are just dead. If you can figure out the cause of why this is happening, you can usually remedy the issue. If you are going this route you might consider overseeding. This is when you plant seeds even where there is existing grass. You need to mow and rake your lawn before doing this but it can be a great solution as long as you are fertilizing, watering, and maintaining your lawn.

      In Conclusion

      Any maintenance for your landscape and lawn can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult, especially if you need total lawn restoration. If you are finding that you are in this spot and need professional help, contact us. We are here to help with any of your landscaping needs.