What is a Garden Home? You may have heard the terms single-family home, duplex, manufactured home, etc. however Garden Homes are becoming highly sought after in today’s market especially with first-time home buyers. Garden Homes are actually quite similar to a townhouse or even some luxury condominiums. The main reason that these homes are becoming so popular is simply that they help promote stress-free homeownership and low maintenance.

      garden homeWhat to Expect

      When purchasing a Garden home, you can expect to have certain amenities or features included with your purchase. While these amenities do vary and change pending on each community or HOA association, some common amenities include a community pool, clubhouse, fitness center, walking trails or even yard and common area maintenance among dozens of other options. Another thing to expect is for the home to be on a small lot, often just a large patio, however in some cases a small, fenced yard area may be an option.

      What Is Different?

      Unlike townhouses or even condos, a Garden Home is generally only a single story vs. multiple, the exception to this is that in some cases the home may be a story and a half. Unlike a row of townhouses, Garden Homes are often classified as single-family homes or duplex and in most cases do not have more than two residences per building, which promotes additional privacy.

      Is it a Patio Home?

      Oftentimes a Garden Home may also be referred to as a Patio Home. Most of the time these home styles have a zero-lot-line, which simply means that there is very little space between homes/buildings. While there is a home style for everyone, Garden Homes are becoming highly popular among home buyers as they allow for people to have a true sense of homeownership without committing to the amount of maintenance that traditional single-family homes with large lots and yards may bring.

      As with all Real Estate purchases, it is important to work closely with a qualified real estate agent, and when considering a Garden Home, be sure to look at the pros and cons associated with the home style. Ask yourself questions such as if you like the idea of having a small maintenance-free yard or would you prefer to have a large yard to garden and landscape?

      But of course, when you do have a larger lot, having help maintaining that space is a great weight off your shoulders. We’d love to offer advice on landscape design, lawn maintenance or just creating the perfect space outside for you to enjoy. Call us anytime for a quote or browse our most popular posts below:

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