You know what I mean… Those lollipop-shaped bushes and trees where it has a one stock going up from the ground and then a lollipop on top. While you might like it, it’s actually bad for the tree or the bush. Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to share and prune shrubs and trees. Sure, you probably know that there’s a bad way to prune but did you know that shearing is also bad for your plants and trees?

      What is shearing?

      Shearing is a type of cutting back or pruning method that removes large amounts of plant material in one fell swoop. Shearing cut is made anywhere along the length of a plant’s stem without regard to the structure of the plant… Did you hear me? I said, “without regard to the structure of the plant”. And that’s where you lose me.

      The last thing I want is for you to lose the structure and integrity of the plant itself so by shearing it, your pruning it at the wrong spots, causing massive damage to the tree or the plant in general, and just creating more work for yourself.

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      What is the difference between pruning and shearing?Shearing, Pruning and Lollipop Shaped Trees

      Pruning encourages plant growth but shearing limits it to the outer part of the plant and the inside does not grow and thrive. Pruning can give a natural look to the plant but shearing actually gives it an artificial look.

      Hedge tremors primarily used for this job can damage a plant. Plants need to be trimmed and pruned every once in a while to stay healthy but a hedge trimmer can take off plants, leaves, and tender shoots actually damaging the plant altogether.

      Shearing woody plants can destroy the plant structure. Most plants and trees for your landscape are based on growth habit and character and shearing the woody material can lose the intention of the planting. This can actually disfigure the plant and create a place for insects, diseases, and pests. While you might think it looks great on the outside, it’s actually not the best way to trim at your landscape.

      A better way of pruning

      Proper techniques for pruning vary depending on the type of plant you have. There are three approaches to pruning:

      • Look for any structural problems such as broken branches or damaged branches.
      • Prune at the right time of the year.
      • Prune from an anesthetic perspective being careful to maintain the character and structure of the plant. Basically, when you’re done pruning, the plant should look the same only with less material and more manicured.

      Don’t prune until fall or early spring.

      There are times to prune and times to simply enjoy the plant. If you prune at the wrong time you could encourage the wrong type of gross, causing more damage and stress to the plant.

      Again, it’s time to stop shearing our bushes, shrubs, and plants. There is a better way and it’s called pruning. We should just get that word “sheer” out of our vocabulary when talking about landscaping and leave it to the lambs and the sheep.

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