Here at First Fruits Landscaping we have a true passion for landscaping of all kinds, including regular Lawn Care! While we do offer full-service options and love providing clients with a complete outdoor design creating stunning before and after’s, our work doesn’t end when a job is “complete.” We take immense pride in our work and thus, want to ensure that our clients can enjoy their new outdoor oasis for many years to come which is why we offer a large range of Lawn Care services to our customers.

      Explaining our Lawn Care Services and Why They’re Important


      Irrigation Repair:

      • Importance: Ensures proper functioning of existing sprinkler systems.
      • Description: Repair or replacement of malfunctioning irrigation systems for optimal performance.

      Drip System Installation:

      • Importance: Effective watering solution for non-grass areas.
      • Description: Installation of drip irrigation for landscaping beds, gardens, and container plants, conserving water and yielding better results.


      • Importance: Promotes healthier lawn by allowing grass and soil to breathe.
      • Description: Core aeration breaks up compacted soil, facilitating water and nutrient absorption for lush, thriving grass.


      • Importance: Removes dead turf-grass tissue to enhance nutrient absorption.
      • Description: Thorough removal of thatch buildup to promote a vibrant and healthy lawn.


      • Importance: Provides essential nutrients for plant growth and vitality.
      • Description: Application of fertilizers tailored to soil needs, replenishing nutrients for robust plant growth and vibrant landscaping.


      • Importance: Maintains neat and uniform lawn appearance, one of the most common lawn cares services for residential customers.
      • Description: Professional mowing services using quality equipment for precision cuts and enhanced curb appeal.

      Insect Control:

      • Importance: Protects plants and lawn from damaging pests without harmful chemicals.
      • Description: Safe and effective pest control methods to combat common landscape bugs, preserving plant health and aesthetics.

      Total Lawn Restoration:

      • Importance: Complete overhaul for rejuvenating a worn-out lawn.
      • Description: Whether your grass is patchy, overrun with weeds, or simply lacks vitality, we’re here to transform your outdoor space. With our expertise, we’ll remove existing turf, weeds, and debris, preparing the ground for a rejuvenating makeover. Whether you prefer the instant green of sod, the durability of turf, or the natural growth of high-quality soil, we have the solutions to suit your preferences. Trust us to breathe new life into your lawn, creating a lush and vibrant landscape you’ll be proud to showcase.

      Regardless of what type of lawn care you may be needing, we have a dedicated team of professionals that are ready to help! From full irrigation installations, custom full-service yard designs, or any of the above listed commonly needed lawn maintenance tasks, we can help you get ready to enjoy your outdoor space this Spring and Summer! Feel free to contact us for a free consultation!