When you are ready to get started on designing your residential landscape, there are important steps to take that will ensure a successful landscape design process. Developing a plan is going got save you a lot of time and money

      What To Consider In Landscape Design?

      Your Desires

      There are a lot of different steps you can take when it comes to landscape design but they all fall under similar categories. You will want to begin your profess with determined what your site is and how you intend to use it. Examine what would grow well in the area and what your intentions are for it. Are you looking for an entertaining space? Are you looking for a sustainable living opportunity with a garden? Is it a combination of both? Determining what you want as your features and how you will use the space influences the entire design. This is how you determine your wants and needs. If you plan to use this space for entertaining, what are you wanting to do with that? Are you planning for water elements or a spa? Is there going to be a shade or will you need to plan for an additional feature like a pergola?


      Once you have these decisions made you can begin to draw a diagram and plan out your costs for the various materials you need to complete your design. whatever you do, make sure the plan is cohesive and includes softscape and hardscape. Softscape would be any of your plants or natural materials while hardscape would be the use of concrete or cement, a pergola, or seating.


      You will want to consider how you plan on lighting this area in the evenings if you are using it for gardening or entertaining so that you have visibility. If you are living with an elderly family member or have family over often, lighting will be particularly important to ensure the safety of everyone moving around your yard. Pay attention to all of the details of your plan. It can be extremely helpful to work with a designer who will help you create a cohesive look that implements all of your desires. The more intricate your plan is, the longer it may take you.


      One of the biggest components in your landscape design is water. Whether you are using a water element as a focal point or planning for watering your plants. This is important and needs to be a part of your initial design. You may say that you intend to water by hand daily, but most homeowners are much too busy to get this task consistently accomplished. Consider planning for watering within your plan.


      You need to determine if you are wanting something done right away or willing to wait for your desires. These projects can take time as things come up during the process or materials may be hard to find.

      In Conclusion

      Whether you are looking for a full landscape design or in need of consistent maintenance, contact us. we are here to help with all of your Snohomish County landscaping needs.