Fall is here! For many, it is their favorite time of year to kick off all of the fun holidays and gatherings. If you have a green thumb, or if you are simply trying to spruce up your yard, you might think that this isn’t the best time of year to do so, however, there are some beautiful trees you can plant successfully this fall. Most of these trees are especially beautiful this time of year. If you want the autumn leaves to dress your yard with their beauty then now is the time to plant some trees in your yard. Let’s take a look at your best options for planting a tree this autumn.

      6 of the Best Trees To Plant In The Fall6 of the Best Trees To Plant In The Fall


      The Buckeye tree seeds fall in the autumn and these seeds can be planted immediately in the fall. If you are planting Buckeye seeds, it is best to soak them for 24 hours before potting.


      There are many different types of maple trees to choose from and they range in size so you are able to find what best suits your landscape.

      Sugar Maple

      The Sugar Maple is a HUGE tree. You need a large backyard for this one. These are known for the sweet syrup they produce, which is why they are called the “sugar” maple.


      Crabapple trees can be planted in the fall, but you want a location that provides them with as much sun as possible. These trees have a beautiful flower that blooms in the spring.


      The Linden tree has a beautiful golden leaf that falls in the autumn. This tree plants successfully in the fall and is hardy to withstand the weather change at that time of year.

      Spruce & Pine

      Both of these trees are considered evergreen trees and are best planted in the fall. These types of trees do best in the cold and can be seen outside and inside your home during the Christmas season.

      So many of us think of spring as the best time for planting and gardening overall, yet there is much that can be done in the fall too. You just want to make sure you are working with the correct plants/trees and that your soil is at the right temperature for planting. Aside from these factors, make sure you are choosing a tree that will fit your yard and enhance the natural beauty of your outdoors. Take your time and research carefully, or better yet, contact your local landscaping company for the resources you need.

      As you begin to design your luscious tree line on your property, consider these excellent recommendations above, For more information on landscaping in Mukilteo Washington.

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