How To Prevent Weeds In A Wet Climate – Although more rain eases the pressure when it comes to producing a healthy crop, it also encourages and accelerates weed growth in pastures and fields. The easiest way to deal with rainy weather weeds is to get a jump start on them before the rain starts pouring down. If you know you’re coming up on a season full of rain, now might be the best time for you to call your local gardening expert for a consultation. Leave any weeds that are sprouting up the week of your consultation and ask the gardener what you can do to effectively kill them off during the colder months.

      Weeds are a great nuisance to many gardeners, you should always find helpful ways how to stop weeds from growing. It all starts by understanding the different types of weeds that many gardeners and weed control experts complain about all the time. Read on to learn more about how to Prevent Weeds In A Wet Climate

      How To Prevent Weeds In A Wet Climate

      Annual weeds

      These are weed types that grow and are spread by seeds and can take up to one year. Commonly known types include chickweed and lambs quarters.

      Biennial weed types

      These are the type of weeds that complete their life span or cycle in two years. Good examples are garlic mustard and bull thistle.

      Perennial weeds

      These are the most challenging types of weed to control or prevent as they re-emerge on a yearly basis. They also produce long tap roots and seeds making it so daunting and demanding to control them. They include; plantain, oxalis, couch grass, dandelions and purple loosestrife to name but a few.

      Most people prefer not to use pesticides or chemicals if at all possible. Unfortunately, these are sometimes the best option. During winter, your lawn and garden are going to get more water, which will in turn cause more weeds to grow. You’re also probably going to be spending less time in the garden since the sun will be away and the temperatures will drop. Consider bringing in a little extra help in the form of chemicals that kill of weeds before they hit the earth’s surface, just during the coldest parts of winter.

      Some plants grow slowly, even blooming only once a year. If you’ve had a garden for a while, you know that this is almost never the case with weeds. In a lot of cases, weeds can grow immensely in just a few days. Even if you aren’t tending to your lawn every day while it rains, keep an eye on it and try to get rid of weeds as soon as they sprout up.

      No one wants to be trapped in the garden during a downpour pulling weeds, but beauty is pain, especially when it comes to gardening. There is one upside to pulling weeds in the rain and that is that wet soil makes for easy weed picking. When the soil gets soggy, the root of weeds aren’t held into anything securely and they can be easily yanked up and tossed.

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