I am passionate about dirt. I know that sounds odd, but when your landscaper, shouldn’t you be passionate about mulch, dirt, plants, and landscaping? I have been doing landscaping for years now and have tried multiple different barks, mulch, and mulching materials and found that Fertil-Mulch wins out every time.

      What is Fertil-Mulch?

      This is a manufactured blend of local cow manure, horse manure, and sawdust. It’s a dark coffee color and fine texture and it’s composted and screened through a 1/2 inch screen so you won’t need to worry about rocks, weed to seeds, or odor. It’s designed to be a top dressing to suppress weeds and retain moisture for the ground.

      This garden mulch is made from hemlock and first sawdust it’s been composted with cow and aged horse manure. Our composting process creates a high-temperature environment, which killed any existing weed seeds and any odor-causing bacteria. It’s tested for heavy metals and pathogens and is safe for all types of gardening both vegetable, fruit trees, flowers, and landscaping.

      It’s screened to achieve a uniform color and texture and offers a rich dark color, which dresses up any area of your landscaping. As it dries, it becomes a natural light or brown and can be easily fluffed up or water down to maintain that rich, dark color.

      So why do I love this so much? Here are nine reasons to use Fertil-Mulch.

      #1. Extremely easy to install.

      We buy this stuff by the yards so it’s super easy to transport, it’s not overly heavy, and extremely easy to lay down and install. Because it’s a uniform, it provides a consistent look throughout your property.

      #2. It provides instant transformation.

      I’m sure you’ve probably seen a fresh of mulch installed before and you know what an attractive and beautiful look it can create. This mulch is no different. It provides instant transformation and is easy to maintain for years.

      #3. It’s consistent.

      You won’t find any chunks, rocks, weeds, slivers, or just that chunky Texter that a lot of bark mulch can provide.

      #4. Easy to fluff up and cultivate.

      It’s easy to make your garden beds or flowerbeds look fresh again simply by quickly telling up the mulch, which we can do on every maintenance visit.

      #5. It organically feeds plants.

      Because it’s a combination of sawdust and the newer, there’s no need to fertilize your plants. It organically feeds the right amount of nutrients to vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, and around fruit trees, deciduous, and coniferous trees.

      #6. Easy weed removal.

      Fertil-Mulch does not compact meaning that any weeds dropped by birds are easily removed.

      #7. Retains moisture.

      It keeps the moisture in the ground and close to the plant where it needs to be. This allows shrubs and trees to maintain a cooler temperature and works throughout higher temperatures in summer and cooler temperatures and winter.

      #8. Protects from frost.

      If you’re worried about ornamental trees, this mulch protects against frost, especially when professionally installed to the right degree and layer.

      #9. The color doesn’t fade.

      You’ve seen mulch in people’s property that’s been there for a couple of years and it looks like it. Your property might experience fading of the mulch but with this type of material you won’t experience any discoloration and a quick fluffing will bring the color back to that rich, dark, coffee color we love in the beginning.

      Get a Quote

      Have I convinced you yet? If you’d like more information about Fertil-Mulch, give us a call. It does run a little bit more expensive but the payoffs are huge.

      I am a firm believer in this type of material and insist on it whenever mulch is applied. Give us a call for a quote on any type of landscaping, monthly maintenance, or mulch installation.

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