7 Creative Ways to Add Privacy to Your Backyard – If you are trying to think of ways to add privacy to your backyard space, sometimes a little creativity is required. Of course, trees can provide shade and privacy eventually, but it may take a decade or two after your plant one to really reap the benefits. Looking for something that will provide privacy more quickly? We have some ideas to get you started on creating more privacy to your backyard.

      7 Creative Ways to Add Privacy to Your Backyard

      Ornamental Grasses

      Choose a selection of ornamental grasses that quickly grow to be waist high or taller. They can be planted around a patio or deck, surrounding a fire pit area, or along a property line to act as a unique hedge or border.

      Many ornamental grasses grow easily, with little TLC from you. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, this might be the perfect choice for your backyard when it is in need of extra privacy.

      Outdoor Drapery Panels

      If you have a balcony or covered porch, hanging outdoor drapery panels can add a lovely ambience to the space, while also providing optional privacy. This may also extend the time you use your outdoor space earlier into the spring and later into the fall, as it provides some insulation from wind, rain, or colder temperatures.

      Vintage Signs

      Many people like the look of vintage signage, which may even have a sentimental or nostalgic quality for you. Hanging vintage signage can act as an attractive, unique screen alternative. This works well one the side of a deck or patio, where a large screen can fill the space above a railing. As a bonus, the screen will offer some shade in the evenings if placed to the Western side of the property.

      Fill in the Fence with Flowers

      In some cases, a property line will be outlined by a fence that does not provide ample privacy. If your fence has space between the slats that keep it from providing much privacy, fill in the spaces with flowers or vines. If your neighbor is not opposed, consider planting the same flowers on either side of the fence for a cohesive look that will not result in annoying maintenance later on.

      Suspended Greenery

      If you have a place to hang baskets or planters, consider suspending greenery like ferns or trailing plants to create a beautiful privacy screen. This can even work away from a patio, if you build a frame for them.

      Privacy Lattice

      Lattice is an inexpensive way to add privacy to your back yard, from virtually any place in the yard. Select a privacy lattice you like, and consider painting it to complement the colour scheme of the home. The lattice will look beautiful as soon as it is installed, and can be accented with flowering vines to add a pop of colour seasonally. Privacy lattice is an excellent choice if you want something that will give privacy all year long, even when privacy-providing plants have gone dormant.

      Give the Deck a Wall

      Adding a wall to one or more sides of your deck can make it feel far more private, and more like an extension of your home. This is particularly useful if you live in a neighborhood with narrow lots, so that you have a neighbour or two with decks right in line with yours.

      Building a wall on the side can be as simple as horizontal slats with some space between. While constructing an extension of the home onto the side will look nice, it will require much more time and expenses to complete, while a simple structure will achieve the goal of privacy with a fraction of the resources.

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