HOA common areas need landscaping just as much as each individual parcel or loft. However, this type of landscaping should be relatively generic, easy on the eyes, and require less maintenance than someone’s typical front or back yard.

      At FirstFruits Landscaping, we handle all type of landscaping including HOA common areas. These might include sports fields, playgrounds, basketball courts, HOA signs that greet the entrance to the neighborhood or community, sidewalks, and any other general landscaping common areas.

      HOA common areas and gathering spots

      One of the most common areas for most homeowner associations are gathering areas such as parks, gazebos, or any space where multiple families and homeowners could get together. This might be a field for kids to play, pergolas, outdoor fire pits etc. In places where homeowners have smaller lots or yards such as a townhome community, these common areas might be bigger. It’s a great way for associations to create a sense of community by bringing all of the common area people together.


      Playgrounds are great HOA common areas and a big draw for families with young children. If there’s an easy place to gather, hang out, and let the kids burn some energy, it adds to the charm and desirability of that neighborhood. Whether it’s wood chips, organization, or even starting from scratch, we can help design a playground and play area ideal for your homeowners association and the community.

      Dog parks.

      Dog parks are also great HOA common areas. Whether it’s a fenced in yard, dog run, or just a separate space, it’s important to have proper drainage so that there are no areas of standing water or soggy turf.

      HOA signage

      Typically most designated neighborhoods that have HOA dues will have some form of signage at the entrance to the neighborhood or community. Many times these will be highlighted with low-lying plants, shrubs, bark, and trim. Keeping these updated will add to the charm and overall health and well-being of the community.

      Certain plant palettes

      The idea behind HOA’s is to keep things looking consistent. There may be certain HOA gardening policies that require certain approval before plants or shrubs can be installed. This may also include plants and shrubs that are not allowed such as invasive species like bamboo, Virginia creeper, and other ivy and trailing plans that can take over before you know it. While most homeowners have these policies, it’s also important to have these policies for the general HOA common areas as well. We want to make sure that it’s consistent throughout the community adding to the charm and desirability of the neighborhood rather than bringing any home values down.

      Pruning and trimming.

      Many associations and neighborhoods will have trees and shrubs that need to be pruned on a regular basis. These keep the consistency of the Association and the neighborhood, keeps the trees healthy, and prevents dangerous issues during storms or bad weather. Keeping the trees trimmed every couple of months or so war when necessary, will keep things looking fresh and consistent.

      First Fruits Landscaping handles all Association, neighborhood, and community landscaping throughout Snohomish and King County. For more information on landscaping for HOA common areas or for consultation”, please contact our office below.

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