Fall landscaping can be a little drab… Let’s be honest. Now is not the time to have the most amazing backyard or front yard. But with a little bit of care, research, and the right landscaper… Hint, hint, fall landscaping might be your new favorite.

      Now is the time leaves are starting to fall, things are turning beautiful colors, and while the fall foliage is something to admire, most of our landscape is wet, soggy, and looking a bit dreary. Here are 10 great ideas for fall landscaping to really boost your curb appeal and enjoy fall far into the season.

      #1. Combine pumpkins and plants for Fall Landscaping.10 Great Ideas for Fall Landscaping

      Whether you choose to celebrate Halloween or not, we can all enjoy pumpkins on the porch, but have you ever thought about combining them with greenery and plants? Even if you don’t have a lot of great color-changing foliage, it doesn’t mean you can’t work with what you have. Greenery, plants, old buckets, barrels, and chrysanthemums work beautifully with squashes and pumpkins this time of year.

      #2. Use the natural landscape.

      If pumpkins aren’t necessarily your thing, stick to a more natural approach with a well-groomed garden. Simply cleaning up the garden, keeping leaves swept, yards mowed, and edges trimmed, will make the entire area look clean, neat, and put together, well into the fall and winter season.

      #3. Stick to hardscapes.

      A rock garden or water feature can make in a beautiful addition to any landscape, especially since it hasn’t started to freeze yet. Use your water features and hardscape far into the fall season and use colors surrounding the landscape such as evergreens.

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      #4. Speaking of evergreens…

      With all of the leaves changing color, it can be beautiful but then it instantly turns to a stark, barren, dead-looking tree. Keep foliage alive by choosing evergreen trees and shrubs throughout your backyard. They can hold up well over the winter season and still provide a pop of green in your backyard or in your front yard.

      #5. Bring the leftovers outside.

      If you’re looking to go harvest and fall all the way, choosing squashes, cabbages, pumpkins, and old corn stocks will definitely add a unique twist and touch to a fall landscape. However, this really works best for a front yard or curb appeal, specifically a front porch.

      #6. Seasonal flowers.

      Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that seasonal flowers have gone away. You can find a few delicate flowering plants or vines and change them up. Moms are typically the best option and can be kept in pots to be swapped out when the weather turns. But again, don’t forget to swap them out as they can get drab, ugly, and is soggy if not cared for properly or changed out when necessary.

      #7. Stick to textures.

      10 Great Ideas for Fall LandscapingThere are a lot of beautiful fall plants such as Yuka, red hot poker’s, moms, grasses, and of course, those evergreens. A lot of these will add unique texture, colors, and design to a landscape. Keep them neatly trimmed, pinch back any non-flowering buds and old buds, and again, keep things trimmed and edged for a unique and clean appearance.

      #8. Rake when necessary.

      I’m going to leave this one up to you… If you choose First Fruits Landscaping, we can rake all of those nasty leaves for you, put them in your compost pile or bucket or simply dispose of them. If not, you can either go one of two ways; rake them all up when they’re done so that you know you won’t have to do it again, or break about every two or three days. This will keep a nice clean yard and by keeping leaves off of walkways and patios, you can reduce slips and falls. However, it definitely takes a little bit more work.

      #9. Extend the season with a fire pit.

      If those hot days of summer are to warm to bring out the fire pit, the current temperatures definitely do the trick. Now is a great time to consider building a fire pit or purchasing one and enjoying those chilly nights around the campfire.

      Contact First Fruits Landscaping for all fire pit builds and hardscape construction.

      #10. Put beds to bed.

      Now is the time to finalize any fall veggies you might have in the garden and put that bed to bed. Pull any weeds, rototilled the garden, clean up any flower beds, pull any old bulbs to be carried over for the next year, and plant new tulip and daffodil bulbs for spring.

      Again, at any time if you’d like us to do any of this for you, give us a call. We’d love to provide you with a free quote and an excellent fall landscaping for your property.

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