Landscape Designers are responsible for creating, presenting, and overseeing the development of landscapes for individuals and companies. They also provide maintenance services and landscaping designs. Maybe you have a pool or patio project that’s bigger than you can handle, and you need to contact a professional. Perhaps you or a relative love to work with plants, along with designing and building things so much that one of you wants to pursue an education in landscape architecture or design.

      Many landscape designers own their own businesses, while others work at larger firms or as consultants at plant nurseries. Still others work for government bodies. Some of a landscape designer’s job duties vary by industry, but drawing plans, selecting plants and installing structures like walkways and water features are important tasks in most landscape jobs.

      Difference Between Landscape Designers and Landscape Architect?

      The primary distinction between landscape architects and landscape designers is that designers usually work on smaller residential projects. While some landscape designers may have training equivalent to a landscape architect―especially if they have an undergraduate-or-higher degree in landscape architecture ―they do not have the state license, which is a requirement.

      Some landscape designers are self-taught, but most have taken courses at a college, university, through an extension or certificate program, or online. In other words, you can’t suddenly wake up one day and just decide to call yourself a landscape designer.

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      Interview Your Landscape Designer

      When you consult a landscape designer, you will have a discussion or interview about the project. Usually, the designer will show up at your home, look at the yard, take photos, and ask about preferences in plants, garden maintenance, budget, etc. The designer will then create a plan view drawing and plant list. Depending on how the designer works, he might visit local nurseries with you, make suggestions or help you shop for materials and furnishings, and do actual plant placement.

      Many garden centers and nurseries offer landscape design consultation services to their clients. A landscape designer working in this capacity sometimes sketches design ideas for customers or works on large designs and installation jobs for clients of the nursery. Their duties include suggesting plants, furniture and irrigation systems to walk-in homeowners. They may also conduct site visits and create plans for large design projects.

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      A landscape designer designs and beautifies outdoor landscapes. They have opportunities to own their own business or work for design firms, government organizations and nurseries. They usually work face-to-face with clients and contract workers to do the planting and installation.

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