Using Landscaping For Privacy – Are you looking to add privacy to your property and want to do so by using your landscaping? Sometimes adding a large fence or tree line is above the price range, but there are unique ways you can use your landscape to create the privacy you desire.Using Landscaping For Privacy

      Designing your privacy helps create barriers from your home to the street or other neighbors. This can block the view of your home but give you the oasis that you dream of. Any design you come up with should maximize your space and use minimal barriers.

      Using Landscaping For Privacy

      How to plant for privacy?

      Tall Hedges

      You can use tall hedges for privacy planting. Evergreen shrubs are most commonly known for their efficiency in creating a wall that is plush year-round and gives you privacy.

      Some hedges will be bare in the winter months so the type of hedging you choose is dependent on if you want privacy year-round and the weather where you live. You can plant a row of the same species or alternate. No matter what type of hedge you are using, it is best to keep it in its natural shape. This allows it to blend better as you plant them side by side. Some suggested shrubs are Pittosporun, Silver sheen, and Laurus Nobilis. You are not only looking for height but also width.

      Layered Planting

      If you are using the layered planting approach, then your privacy is inevitable as you are using this style of planting. You should think about the places in your yard that you are trying to define as private and this is how you create a design framework. While you are layering, place all of the taller plants where you want to block views from privacy, and then layer the lower ornamental plants in front of the taller ones. This creates intentional privacy.


      You can use vines for a classical atmosphere in your yard that provides privacy. Vines are elegant and can grow thick and cover fencing as well as a wall. This can give you privacy if your fencing allows anyone to see your property or the area you are trying to close off. This can also help with noise if that is something you are looking to improve in your yard.

      Retaining Wall

      This option doesn’t always involve a lot of planting but it s a great landscaping tool. Retaining walls create enclosures for you. You can add flower beds or beautiful stonework to create elegance to the wall you have created. Retaining walls are low maintenance and offer a barrier and can help with erosion.

      Privacy inside your home and outside on your property is an important factor to many. No matter what type of barrier you prefer, adding privacy to your yard adds value to your home. Whether you prefer a natural hedge barrier or something customized, it is worth it to get this project started.

      If you have the desire to create privacy in your yard and have a landscaping idea but are unsure of how to execute it, contact a professional landscaping company. We do everything from initial design and layout to hardscape, construction, fencing, plantings, and all types of landscape design. From plumbing and electrical to construction and landscape, trust your next outdoor project to Firstfruits Landscaping.

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