How To Section Your Landscaping – How can you take your yard and turn it into an entertaining and interesting space to relax while making it interesting? You can section your yard into different zones which can break up your yard into many useful spaces, no matter what the size.

      How To Section Your Landscaping


      You can add pathways that curve through your yard and bring you to a seating area or a garden or even flower beds. Pathways make any yard feel larger in that it is directing you to certain areas. If you use circular shapes you can also add aesthetic appeal.

      An Outdoor Room

      One of your pathways from above can lead to an outdoor seating room. This can be some sort of covered area that adds a homey feel and can make the outdoor area useful even in the event of some weather. You can add a fireplace and lounging furniture to create a little outdoor home.

      Zoning an area for a Garden

      Creating a pathway that leads to your lounge area and then some planters or garden is a great viewing aspect to add.  You can use brick to create flower beds and this gives you an escape while sitting in your lounge area.

      Creating Privacy

      You most likely want privacy In your yard wether it is the front or the back. You can do this by using screens. Lattice fence with greenery can also create a privacy barrier and beauty if you use something that blooms.

      Stopping Point

      You already have your lounge area but why not add a stopping point, such as a bench in between your planters for additional seating or a different viewpoint of the yard. A water feature such as a bird  bath or a fountain could also be a unique stoping point for guests to view. 


      You want as much contrast as possible, even in a small space. One of the best ways to do this is to use levels. By creating different levels in your yard you can maximize your space for a sunken fire pit, raised lounge area and or garden. All of the elects can be in your landscaping as long as you are using levels to your advantage.It can be hard to see all of these things in your own yard yourself because oftentimes when you live somewhere you start to get comfortable and lose creative ideas. It is best to get some fresh eyes for new ideas on your property. For more information on landscaping your yard, contact us!

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