8 Easy Curb Appeal Trends for 2020 – Well, we’ve had a couple of days of sunshine and you know what that means, people are out and about, walking their dogs in spite of the cold temperatures, and were starting to work on our yards and landscaping. We are still at the beginning of 2020 and there are a lot more trends to come and go but here are some of the most popular trends for updating your landscape for 2020.

      #1. Time to tidy up.

      If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you probably have neglected the outside over the last few months. And understandably so. It’s been dark, dreary, rainy, and downright muddy, and no one likes to do landscaping in that type of weather… Okay, except for maybe me.

      But, now is the time to focus on tidying up the yard, cleaning up the scraps, pressure washing, and doing some cleaning on the landscape itself. This is probably one of the easiest things to do because it doesn’t cost any money. This might mean simply pulling weeds, clearing out brush, twigs, or sticks that have fallen from trees, trimming up large pampas grass shrubs, or clearing away the moss, weeds, and grass that grows in between breaks in your driveway, patios, Flagstone, and sidewalks.

      #2. Clear pathways.

      Wet leaves and twigs can get slippery and with the freezing temperatures we’ve had at night for the last few days, they can be even more slippery. You can either take a hose and spray away all of the debris and leaves that have collected on pathways and patios or you can pressure wash large portions of driveways and sidewalks. Of course, we can always do this for you as well.

      #3. Painting.Easy Curb Appeal Trends for 2020

      You might not want to think about paint while it’s 27° outside, but now is a good time to look around the outside of your house for peeling paint, caulking that might be missing or crumbling, and any trim at that might just need a facelift. Simply painting the trim around your house or even the front door can add a fresh new look to your curb appeal.

      #4. Power wash.

      Get on your gloves and head out with the power washer on your fence as long as it’s not too strong, patios, decks, sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. Again, we love to do this so if you’re not too keen on getting out in the cold and freezing your fingers off with a pressure washer, simply give us a call.

      #5. Ornate or geometric hardscape.

      This might cost a little bit of money but if you’re looking for a unique 2020 trend, this is it. Unique and intricate patterns for a hardscape are becoming quite popular. This could be materials or structures built into the landscape such as on walkways and patios or integrated into patterns on fences or as standalone features. The most popular hardscape or geometric designs include waves, lattices, and Chevrons.

      #6. Gardens.

      I don’t think gardens will ever go out of style and homeowners continue to add these features into their landscapes. Are you looking for an edible garden that provides farm to table tasty’s? Maybe a flower bed, rock garden even, or something more elaborate like an Elizabethan rose garden. It’s time to clean up, prep, and prepare the space for whatever garden suits your fancy.

      #7. High-tech water solutions.

      Remote irrigation systems are gaining popularity and they can deliver the right amount of water to your landscape saving hundreds of dollars throughout the year. They can be trolled from anywhere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even smartphone apps.

      #8. Color.

      The colors may change but the idea of color never will. In 2020, more rich tones of blue are dominating the landscape including sculptures and water features. In the garden, beautiful plants like delphiniums, hydrangeas, or even grape hyacinths are adding a beautiful touch of blue as well.

      Whatever you choose to do to your landscape, now is the time to be thinking about it. Would you like a quote for water features, clean up, or for a completely new landscape design? Give me a call at any time. Thanks for Reading: 8 Easy Curb Appeal Trends for 2020

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