Gardening is easily one of the most enjoyed hobbies amongst many people. From brightly colored flowers, homegrown vegetable gardens, herb gardens, or immaculately maintained rose gardens, there seems to be a garden out there for everyone. Unfortunately, it you’re hoping to update your garden or give it a little sprucing up, you may be left worried about the price tag that accompanies the upgrade, fear not, there are dozens of ways that you can update your garden oasis without breaking the bank, look at these fun ideas to spruce up your garden!

      3 Easy Ways to Update Your Garden Space Without Spending a Fortune

      #1 Re-Purpose Everyday Items into Pots

      Pots are easily one of the most common costs amongst gardeners that can easily add up quickly, however spending money to purchase pots is a thing of the past. Save your tins, old coffee containers, milk jugs, liters of soda, etc. You can easily re-purpose these items into pots for gardening of all kinds. Once the containers are washed and fully dried, you can spray paint each container in a color of your choosing, punch out designs with heavy-duty hole punches, add LED lighting, the possibilities are endless!

      Once you’re happy with your creation, add some plants and either set the pots throughout your garden, create a centerpiece for your outdoor dining set, add some string or wire to create hanging arrangements, and enjoy your budget-savvy gardening pots.

      #2 Paint or Clean the Furniture

      No garden is complete without the perfect little spot to sit, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whether nuzzled into a cozy chair with a good book and a cup of coffee, or eating lunch amongst the flowers, a quick clean-up and paint can instantly add vibrance to your garden. Any outdoor furniture that can be sanded or painted can easily be freshened up with a new coat of paint, whether you plan to use the same colors, or add a new pop of color, it is totally up to you!

      Likewise, if your outdoor furniture cannot be painted, simply give it a good cleaning, wash any pillows or furniture casings, scrub down frames, and if you’re feeling like you need an extra pop of color, add a new throw pillow, or two… or three!

      #3 Re-Purpose Tires

      Is it time to get some new tires? Don’t toss the old ones! Believe it or not, upcycling old tires is a super fun way to add a new element to your garden. You can choose to either leave the tire as is or add some fun paint to give the tire new life. Then, the options are endless. Use the tire as a planter pot by simply placing it in your garden, hang the tire on a wall with a spilling plant arrangement inside, arrange multiple tires to create a mosaic or pattern to be filled with plants, or set the tires up to create a border or “fence” around a portion of your garden!

      Regardless of the type of garden you maintain or plan to create, the sky is the limit, and your garden is a great space to let your creativity and individuality blossom. Should you need any help with creating, maintaining, or upgrading your garden space, lawns, as well as all other landscaping needs, please feel free to contact our office at any time.


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