Best Backyard Water Features 2023 – Are you looking to add a water feature to create depth and aesthetic interest in your backyard? Maybe you are considering using water to mask road noise? Are water calming and tranquil for you? All of these are great reasons to begin planning for your backyard water feature. There are a lot of fun designs and ideas to choose from, so read below as you start to envision what kind of water feature you would like to have in your backyard. When you decide, make sure you work with a professional landscaping company that does it all. They can help bring your idea to life.

      2023 Backyard Water Features

      2023 Backyard Water Features


      A pond is a common thought water feature for backyards. A pond can be a great addition and they can be very low maintenance due to modern technology. You can design a pond for your backyard that will be its self-contained ecosystem. The bigger your design and the less likely water changes will make an impact. Your pond will also attract more wildlife and this can bring such a fun element to your yard.

      You can have a simple small pond or a larger koi pond with big boulders. It depends on your landscape and personal preferences regarding the design of your yard. Backyard ponds can be designed to look natural and even include a small waterfall. As you consider adding a pond to your backyard make sure you check with your town’s ordinances so you comply with the depth.

      2023 Backyard Water Features


      A waterfall or series of waterfalls cascading into a pond-like reservoir is another great backyard water feature. This will give you the kind of running water and very little maintenance. This kind of feature has no open water so there aren’t safety concerns. This can be an excellent choice for families looking to add a sound barrier to their yards.

      2023 Backyard Water Features


      A fountain is also a great idea for a sound barrier. Fountains are the simplest water features. There is a wide variety when it comes to fountains, so you are sure to find something you will like. Fountains will recirculate water and the water will collect at the basin, move through a pump, and come back out the top. A fountain will be your most economical choice when it comes to adding a water feature to your backyard.

      You can find a fountain of any size to fit the needs of your backyard landscape. It can be the focal point or a complimentary addition. If you are planning for a fountain consider it in your entire hardscape design as you may want to enjoy seating around it with a beautiful garden nearby.

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      In Conclusion

      Whatever stage you are in regarding your water feature plans, Firstfruits Landscaping can help. We do it all and would love to assist you from idea, to design, and finished project. If you are looking to get started in adding a water feature to your landscape or need to schedule routine maintenance, contact us.