The term “landscaping maintenance” can lead one to believe it includes a number of different services but is a fairly vague term. Landscaping maintenance services include mowing, pruning, tree removal, edging, cultivation, fertilization, and broadleaf application. While a few of these terms are obvious landscaping terms that most people know about, such as mowing and tree removal, many people do not truly know what the other services entail.

      Tips to Landscaping MaintenanceLandscaping Maintenance

      Pruning is the fairly common and well-known service of removing parts of a plant such as limbs, roots, and other parts. It is performed for reasons such as keeping the plant healthy, reducing falling branch risks, and removing dead or diseased portions of the plant, as well as other reasons.

      Edging is simply creating an edge around the desired area using tools such as a spade or edger. This is done to draw the line between your landscaping features and other things such as your lawn. Generally, mulch or topsoil is placed inside the edged area to add visual appeal to the landscaping features.

      Cultivation is the preparation of the ground to promote the growth of plants. It also involves tending, improving, and harvesting crops or plants if this is necessary. Fertilization is another common term and very well-known procedure of either spreading or spraying fertilizer to keep grass healthy and weeds from growing. This is a very important process for your lawn since there is a multitude of problems that can arise from unhealthy grass.

      Keeping your lawn mowed regularly will maintain that manicured and clean look that is aesthetically appealing. But keeping your grass trimmed also has the added benefit of keeping pests away as insects like ticks and mosquitoes prefer to “hideout” in tall grass. While mowing is one of those tasks that seems easy to keep up with, even falling behind just one week on your regular mowing schedule will show. It’s definitely an important task to keep up with both for aesthetic appeal and the health of your lawn. Regular mowing will keep your lawn manicured but if you want to keep it healthy, you must also fertilize the lawn.

      Fertilizer helps not only improve the color of turf, but it thickens the lawn to help reduce the chance of weeds growing. While some homeowners tackle this on their own with store-bought products, if you want professional-grade fertilization products that will have your lawn as green as a golf course, then this is a lawn care maintenance service you should leave to the professionals.

      A number of extra maintenance tasks come with the spring and fall seasons. Clean-ups during both the spring and fall seasons should include landscape maintenance services like pruning, debris removal, mulching, cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses, and re-edging the beds. Fall clean-up should also include leaf removal. Both spring and fall clean-ups give your property an instant curb appeal boost as clearing debris and cleaning up plant material make everything look better. But there are also a lot of health benefits to spring and fall clean-up as tasks like pruning and mulching help your plants to grow better and removing debris from your yard helps ensure pests don’t take up residence.

      Just like your lawn, your small trees and shrubs also need ongoing attention. That includes regular pruning and fertilization, as well as spraying for insects and disease, in order to keep plants growing and healthy. Your trees and shrubs are a valuable asset to your property and one that should not be ignored.

      It’s also worth noting that replacing trees and shrubs that did not survive due to a lack of attention is certainly more costly than investing in their maintenance in the first place. It is another task that should be performed on an ongoing basis throughout the growing season. Regularly watering your lawn is also important to help maintain its health. The latest irrigation systems include technology such as weather sensors that ensure lawns are not overwatered or underwatered.

      While keeping up with a lot of the landscape maintenance tasks, will help produce a healthy lawn if you naturally choke out some of the weeds. Most of these recommendations can all be taken care of with your landscaping company.

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