Washington is finally opening up… We hope. And that means more summer barbecues, gathering with friends and family, and getting that lawn and landscape in shape. If you are in the market of getting your yard ready for summer, here are five great tips to get you started.

      Getting your yard and landscape ready for summer

      #1. Clean out messy beds.

      Now is the time to finally clean out anything leftover from last fall. That could mean mold the, damp, and bunched-up leaves that have fallen, grass, old sticks, and twigs, and remove weeds from those flower beds. Go through the lawn and take care of all of the dandelions (that is if you don’t like them) either with organic and non-toxic weed spray or by pulling them up by hand.

      Cut back any expired perennials including ornamental grasses so that they can sprout new growth as the weather warms up and come out full and neat. Add edging to beds with crisp corners that define the space and refresh your mulch.

      #2. Trim and prune.

      If you haven’t already, now is the time to prune your fruit trees getting them ready for new growth. If you look closely, you can probably already see Apple trees, plum trees, cherry trees, and pear trees in full bloom. Take a look at where the fruit will hang and if you can reach it. If you can’t reach it or you need to get precariously up on a ladder to get to the fruit, it may not be worth it. Time to trim those limbs back.

      Remove any dead, diseased, or dying tree limbs so that they won’t create a liability. Spring storms can cause these broken, dead, or dying branches to fall causing harm to animals, pets, people, and buildings. You might also consider pruning and trimming trees that could interfere with your view or shrubs and trees that brush up against a house or block walkways.

      #3. Replace any old, tired, or sad-looking plants.

      Plants do age, some better than others. Tired and old plans can be more susceptible to disease and require more care. It might be better to simply replace the plant rather than trying to save it. This is also a good time to test out a new plant variety, update your landscaping, or replacing any rundown plants or those that simply are too labor-intensive with low maintenance plants.

      #4. Brush up the lawn.

      Lawn core aeration is an essential annual service that will give oxygen and moisture to the roots of the grass. It’s also a good idea to pair aeration with overseeding to fill in any weak areas of your lawn. Cover it with some fertilizer and nutrients to keep it bright and green all summer long.

      #5. Consider a new project.

      Even though it’s not maintenance, now may be a great time to plan a summer project. Are you looking at a water feature? Container gardens? Retaining wall, walking path, new fencing, or a complete revitalization of your lawn? Now is a great time to consider doing that to maximize the way you can use your backyard space more effectively.

      Of course, at First Fruits Landscaping we can offer you on-site estimates, quotes, and give you some great ideas for updating your lawn and landscaping ready for those summer barbecues and parties.

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