If you are interested in completely redesigning your backyard or just looking to make a few changes, there are some important things to consider before you start any digging or planting. Oftentimes homeowners just start adding things to their yard or moving items around before making a plan. When you do this it is easy to overspend or end up with a yard that isn’t cohesive with the rest of your property. To avoid these pitfalls, consider the things below when you are designing your backyard.

      Important Things To Consider When Designing Your Backyard

      Know your yard

      You need to have a good understanding of your yard and this includes being aware of your regional climate. Consider your soil type when you plan your landscape. Your soil and regional climate have a lot to do with your successful planting.  Your property will most likely fall under one of four categories. It will either be full sun, partial sun, partial shade, shade, or even deep shade.

      This is something you have to understand and build upon your knowledge before you begin planting. Your landscape’s topography is also equally important as you make your plans. You need to have an understanding of how water drains on your property and whether or not it moves toward other areas in your yard. If you are unaware of these things and need assistance, it is best to work with a professional landscaping company.

      What will you use it for?

      As you begin to dream up your perfect backyard, what will you use it for? You want to ask yourself what your ultimate goal is for your yard and be realistic with how you will use it. Do you have children or pets? How do you want to accommodate this in your landscape? While you are planning consider your maintenance and whether or not you will be doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

      What is the theme of your yard?

      If you are someone who likes a lot of different styles then it can be a struggle to come up with a theme for your yard. It might be helpful to find pictures of what you like and dislike and compare them to the space you have. A good place to start is by looking at your home’s architectural style and creating a theme based on that. Your yard is an extension of your home so you want to keep it all cohesive. Having a theme can help you navigate decisions along the way like coloring and outdoor furniture styles.

      What plants will you be using?

      You want to determine how plants will be used as a function in your landscape. You can use plants in so many different ways in your landscape. Plants can be used to provide you with food, such as a garden, or they can be used primarily to create scenery and scents for you to enjoy. You can also design your landscape so that your planting creates barriers and helps define certain areas within your yard. Hardscape can also be combined with plants to soften the look as you create pathways, seating, or an outdoor room.

      In Conclusion

      If you are starting to consider redesigning your backyard, contact us. At First Fruits Landscaping we can take your entire project and make it a reality.