What To Consider Before Installing A Sprinkler System – Are you looking for better irrigation for your landscape and considering a Sprinkler system? These systems are known for bringing ease to all of your watering needs because they relieve you of maintenance. You can set your timing and zones and essentially forget it, except for in the winter months if you live somewhere that gets cold enough. In this case, you will have your system blown out years before the first freeze. Aside from that you may be wondering why anyone would choose any other kind of system, so let’s take a look at some of the common problems homeowners may gave with a sprinkler system.

      What To Consider Before Installing A Sprinkler System

      Landscape & Gardening

      You likely have different components to your landscape that may be a sprinkler will not water correctly. Your lawn is usually affected by direct sunlight and has different watering needs than a shaded area or garden may need. This is what you could need a drop system in addition to your sprinkler system on your lawn.

      Sprinkler System Brands

      You want to do your research when it comes to deciding what brand you will use for your sprinkler system. Cheaper may seem better at first but it will cost you more in the long run. Pay attention to what your landscape company is installing and make sure it is a quality brand. This is where it may save you a lot of time. Energy, and money to pay more upfront because a more expensive quality brand will last you longer and have fewer repair needs.


      This job must be done right. You want to hire a contractor or landscaping company that has the experience and expertise in installing a sprinkler system. This is not a DIY project. Hire the right people by asking others and looking at their previous work before you sign any contracts.


      Your contractor will bring all of the necessary equipment which is another reason to hire out. All of this should be included in your budget and project contract. You will need equipment like a skid steer with a trenching too to complete an installation, so if these aren’t easy access for you then again, hire a professional company that owns the equipment needed to get the job done right.

       Your Lawn

      You may not know this but installing a sprinkler system requires you to reseed your lawn after the system is installed. You will need to budget for this lawn care and reseeding process. This is commonly overlooked by homeowners looking to install sprinkler systems abs can be a huge disappointment when it is not properly budgeted for,

      In Conclusion

      Whether you are looking for assistance with a big landscape remodel, isntalling a sprinkler system, or routine lawn maintenance, First Fruits Landscaping can do the job! If you would like professional expertise in these areas, contact us. We are here for all of your landscaping services in Everett, WA.

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